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All Top Shelf Quality Meds At Great Discounts

Munchie Monday

Donate $100 donate $100 and receive a Korova Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Free!

Top Shelf Tuesday

Donate for a top shelf 1/4 oz or 1/2 oz & receive %50 off a top shelf 1/8 oz or top shelf gram of wax, plus two FREE gifts!

Wax Wednesday

Donate for 2g of wax & receive .5g of wax FREE. Or, donate for 3.5g of wax & receive 1g of wax FREE!

Thank You Thursday

Receive a house pre roll joint with a donation for any amount.

Wake & Bake Special

Mention 'Wake & Bake' between 11am & 3pm daily to receive 10% off.

Sunday Surprise

Every donation of any amount receives a free gift. Woo Hoo!

All Veterans, Seniors & Disabled members will receive 15% off

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Bulk Specials

Because we are always sourcing and harvesting new flowers, you may notice that our meds will often start at top shelf pricing and slide downward to make room for new, fresher products as they become available.

We also offer discounts when select products are bought in bulk, just click the item to the right to see the deal. Be sure to check our specials often and enjoy the savings!