Lab Tests

Conducted by SC Labs in Southern California

leading the way to regulation

We Lab Test All Of Our Products

Quality Assurance

At Organic OC, we want all of our patients to make the most informed decisions as possible when it comes to their medication. We believe very strongly that knowing what is in your flowers and extracts is essential to knowing that you can trust your cannabis provider. Our client's comfortability is always a priority.

Continued Education

We choose to invest in research, lab tests and breeding because we are passionate about cannabis and simply want to know as much as possible. As a collective, Organic OC is working towards a future where all cannabis products will be lab tested;
for the patient’s safety, and for the progression and evolution of the cannabis industry.

setting the standard for quality control

Our Trusted Partner

SC Labs
Founded in 2010, SC Labs is a national leader in the field of cannabis science committed to the development of industry-wide safety and quality control standards. It is one of the first institutions to promote cannabis safety through education, testing and certification.

As the medical marijuana industry continues to transform, precise labelling and healthy cultivation practices are key. Third party certification not only boosts consumer confidence, but also encourages widespread improvements in safety management and contaminant control.

With labs located in Santa Cruz and Santa Ana, California, SC labs, carries out all testing in-house. All procedures are conducted in accordance with strict scientific protocols and based on the latest research available. Both of their laboratories are fully equipped to test for cannabis potency, quality control, terpenes, residual solvents and genomics.

For more information about SC Labs, please visit their site:

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